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Golden Laser Garnet D20, Pink Fluorescent Ce Nd YAG Die

Golden Laser Garnet D20, Pink Fluorescent Ce Nd YAG Die

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This is a D20 I faceted from golden laser garnet weighing in at 256 ct.  It has a yellow base that shifts to orange in some lights and has dual fluorescence, glowing yellow-green under blue and violet light and vivid pink under 365nm long wave UV.  I faceted this stone on our CutKit™1 faceting setup--it is my first die and my first really large stone so there are some flaws and scratches and the 20 isn't quite marked perfectly.

This is an unusual lab created garnet, YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet) doped with both cerium and neodymium. Neodymium makes YAG a versatile laser crystal, and Nd YAG lasers are the most versatile and widely-used. While the original Nd YAG lasers only added Nd it was soon discovered that Ce could act as a booster to its power by allowing it to absorb a wider range of wavelengths. This means that depending on the application you might see crystals that only have Nd or ones that are almost entirely Ce with just a pinch of Nd. Fortunately for us only the middle portion of the garnet crystals can be used for lasers and we were able to buy some of the unused tops to repurpose as gems.

YAG has a high hardness of 8.25-8.5 and no major durability issues. Still, this die should be rolled with care and not on hard surfaces to avoid chipping.

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