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LuAG Pixels, Green Lumogarnet Scintillator Crystal

LuAG Pixels, Green Lumogarnet Scintillator Crystal

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These are pixels of LuAG, a type of hyperfluorescent lab created garnet which were produced for use as scintillators in PET scanners, CAT scanners or similar devices but didn't quite make the cut.  We have both the polished and matte finished pixel prisms.  The prisms measure 30x3mm and weigh in at 4 carats on average--note that some are chipped or missing edges or corners and others have minor inclusions which is why they were rejected.

LuAG is an exotic lab-created crystal with the same structure as natural garnets, but a composition and properties which are impossible in nature, particularly its outrageously strong green fluorescence which makes it glow when exposed to sunlight and even some indoor light. This is what we call a 'lumogarnet' - a lab created garnet with incredible fluorescence, designed to help detect invisible radiation. This is one of my favorite synthetic materials--brilliant and hard enough for use in all jewelry (mohs 8.5!).

The fluorescence really is crazy--even normal room lights will make a LuAG gem fluoresce, and outdoors with indirect sunlight can make it look like it is photoshopped into real life. A blacklight aimed directly at it makes it insanely bright. It is just a great material overall, perfect for the collector and jeweler alike.



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