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CutKit™1 Faceting Kit -- Faceting for under 500 dollars all-in!

CutKit™1 Faceting Kit -- Faceting for under 500 dollars all-in!

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This is the CutKit1!  If you want to get faceting for under 500 dollars, you can!  All you need is this kit, a Vevor faceting machine, an alcohol lamp, a can of WD-40, a roll of paper towels and two buckets.  Visit for full information and instructional videos.

The CutKit1 comes with:

  • 1x CutKit Mast
  • 1x dop holder
  • 1x transfer jig
  • 1x 240 grit lap
  • 1x 600 grit lap
  • 2x copper polishing laps
  • 1x 8k Gearloose Diastik
  • 1x 60k Gearloose Diastik
  • 1x stick Princeton low temperature dop wax
  • 1x stone tongs
  • 1x nut/bolt set
  • 1x marker
  • 1x 6mm dop pair
  • 1x 10mm dop pair
  • 1x water shield
  • 1x charging ruby
  • 1x sandpaper
  • 3x YAG facet rough (assorted colors)

The Upgrade Kit comes with:

  • 1x knurled lap nut (custom machined and much more ergonomic than the provided hex nut),
  • 1x Covington high temperature wax,
  • 1x 80 degree index gear
  • A three-piece premium rough set (approximately 13g total of LuAG, dichroic moissanite and 'Star Wars' laser ruby.)

For other accessories, such as wax and more index gear types see this page:

For discussion we have a facebook group over at

The correct Vevor faceting machine can be purchased at any of the the below links (sales get run individually so one might have a better price than the others):

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