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Select Dice Facet Rough

Select Dice Facet Rough

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These are select pieces of rough hand picked to make incredible dice.  They are large blocky pieces of some of our best materials!  Cutting dice takes a lot of time and effort--you might as well start with something special.

Each piece is photographed and described individually and can be purchased from the drop down menu.

Stone A2 is a boule top of Nd+Ce:YAG.  These crystals are grown for use in laser rods, but the tops concentrate impurities and can't be used for technical purposes.  This also gives them a unique range of colors including zones of purple, pink and peach--this one has a very rare blue zone at the top!  The tops are also very well shaped for cutting dice, almost a preform for a D20.  It has dull red fluorescence.  There are a few bubbles in the very center.   It measures 38mm in diameter and 49mm long and weighs in at 153g.

Stone B2 is a boule top of Ce+Nd:YAG--it is a lot like 1A but with a lot of cerium and just a little neodymium, which gives it a gorgeous golden yellow color which shifts between different lighting.  It has a light yellow fluorescence with a small spot of pink.  I haven't spotted any bubbles in this one but these boule tops often have some at the very center that are hard to see. It measures 34mm in diameter at the widest point, 52mm long and weighs in at 157g.

Stone C1 is a boule tail of Yb:YAG. This material was also grown for use in lasers, and it has a light aqua-blue color.  This should cut a very bright and brilliant gem!  It weighs in at 75g and measures 29 x 30 x 27mm.

Stone D1 is a blocky piece of 'phantom YAG', an unusual material that occurs from contamination at the edges of HDSM boules of laser YAG.  I don't know exactly what colors it, but it has a beautiful striped platinum grey color and strong pink fluorescence.  This piece measures about 33x24x23mm and weighs in at 86g.

Stone E1 is a piece off of a lab grown laser ruby boule that cracked apart during growth and thus didn't meet spec.  It is very fluorescent with a vivid hot pink color. It is an irregular but chunky piece that will need some preforming but should yield an incredible die.  It has a few bubbles on one side which should give it a bit of texture (or could be trimmed out if you wanted to cut a more traditional stone shape).  This one will be unbelievable!  It weighs 58g.

Stone F2 is a block of vintage Russian lab created cobalt-doped quartz from the old Alexandrov lab.  This material has an incredibly vivid blue color!  It has a colorless seed plate running through the middle but will still make an incredible die.  It measures 30 x 27 x 27mm and weighs in at 57g.

Stone G1 is incredibly special and I doubt we'll ever have many of these: a solid chunk of lab created rutile.  Rutile has by far the highest dispersion of any gemstone worth the name which means it splits light into its component spectrum.  This piece is perfectly clear, gemmy and should cut the brightest, most vibrant D20 ever.  It weighs in at 65g and measures 27 x 27 x 23mm

Stone H1 is a dichroic moissanite!  This stone is blue through the sides and golden yellow down the length--once cut the golden color will be much lighter as it currently has a dark cap on the end.  The blue also gets more vivid--the frosted faces make it look greyer than it is.  Moissanite is very hard and eats through cutting laps so make sure you have extras!  It also likes to heat up during prepolish so dop and cut with care.  The end results are worth it though!  It's the hardest gem that can feasibly be cut into a die and it is more brilliant than a diamond, and the dichroic nature should make it incredible when rolled.  This stone has a few bubbles and needles.  It measures 28x26x25mm and weighs in at 57g.

Stone I1 is a hyperfluorescent GAGG!  This lab created garnet is grown for its incredible yellow glow and it really shows--not many gems can compete with this color!  This one has several bubbles and a few healed cracks but should hold together during cutting.  The stone measures about 21 x 20 x 19mm and weighs in at 54g

Stone J1 is a padparadscha-colored titanium laser sapphire!  This material is grown for use in powerful infrared lasers and has a beautiful orange-pink color that resembles natural padparadscha sapphires.  It has some bubbles which have a bit of directional sparkle when they catch the light.  It weighs in at 129g and measures about 48 x 38 x 35mm.

If you don't see what you're after for your die just drop me a line!

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