Facet.ing CutKit One: Get Started Faceting for under $500

Here's a question I kept getting asked:

Cutting stones looks like fun. How do I get started faceting?

And until now, unless you had a good friend with a machine he'd lend you, there wasn't a good affordable answer.  Now, there is one: the Facet.ing CutKit One, an upgrade kit that turns an inexpensive Vevor base machine into a fully functional faceting setup!

We sold our first 100 cutkits, and have to restock some custom parts.  You can preorder a CutKit1 here which we will ship out by late June!: https://store.turtleshoard.com/products/cutkit1-faceting-kit-faceting-for-under-500-dollars-all-in

Or watch our videos below for more information on what is in the kit and how to use it!


Here's my first attempt at cutting a d20 with my CutKit: