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CutKit™ Index Gears

CutKit™ Index Gears

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These index gears fit the Vevor faceting machine used with the CutKit as well as other similar faceting machines.  Each gear comes with a 4mm allen key for installation.  Machines usually come with a 96 degree already installed.

Index gears are used to set the rotational angle while faceting.  The number of teeth on the index gear controls the type of symmetry you can cut into your stone.  The default is a 96 degree which allows for most classic cuts but does not have 5-fold, 7-fold or 9-fold symmetry.  This limits what you can cut on it.  For instance a D20 cut has 5-fold symmetry and an 80 degree gear is needed to cut it.

Switching the index gear on your machine is easy--a single bolt runs through the middle of the gear and holds it in place.  Make sure to tighten it well when you reinstall!

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