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Bicolor Yellow Green Moissanite Facet Rough

Bicolor Yellow Green Moissanite Facet Rough

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These are very unusual bicolor yellow and green moissanite facet rough. Each is labelled with its gram weight and letter in the photo and they can be purchased individually.

This one is a first for me! I'd never seen bicolor moissanite before, and this material is very striking. This is the result of a mistake during growth where the argon atmosphere was lost and atmospheric nitrogen snuck and an was able to color the crystal partway through growth. The result is that part has a rich, deep green color, while the other half is strongly pleochroic with a yellow color through the side and an intense blue down the length.  I have gotten many of these reject pucks at this point (most far from gem quality), and of them all only one has shown this very striking, well-defined bicolor effect.  Aside from what I've set aside for myself these are what I have left!

These stones do have have some transparent growth needles parallel to the C axis, but these are hard to spot and they should still cut very beautiful and unique gems.

You might be wondering why I photographed them backlit--it's rarely a good sign in facet rough. The color is a bit deep on these, but more importantly moissanite's luster is so insanely high that rough surfaces act more like mirrors than windows and make it very hard to see colors which would be apparent in a polished stone (this can also make colorless or near-colorless stones look grey in the rough).

Note that this is the newer '4H' polytype of moissanite. The crystal structure has been improved over the older versions, which means you don't have the same worries about a yellow discoloration during polishing (not that that matters on a green-yellow bicolor stone, but in case you were wondering).


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