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Red Ruby Facet Rough Czochralski Lab Created Crystals

Red Ruby Facet Rough Czochralski Lab Created Crystals

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These are pieces of rich blood red ruby and pinkish-purplish red ruby both grown by the czochralski process.  They both have a rich base color that is intense but not too dark and good red fluorescence.

This is the first and most classic gem produced by science:  ruby. The very first gem crystals grown were rubies, and the growth process was developed further with demand from industry for a variety of technical applications including laser crystals, watch bearings and more.

We were really lucky to get our hands on some very fine material from contemporary production, likely meant for high end watch cases but the exact application is unknown.  They were grown by the advanced czochralski process which produces larger and more perfect crystals--whatever the application it certainly wasn't meant for gems, since these pieces would never have been rejected for that purpose.

The blood red material is likely codoped with a small amount of iron, which gives it a more pure red color.  The pinkish-purplish red ruby is likely pure chromium.

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