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Christmas Garnet Facet Rough, Laser Cr YAG Red and Green

Christmas Garnet Facet Rough, Laser Cr YAG Red and Green

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These are lab created chromium YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) facet rough aka "Christmas Garnet". Each is labelled with its gram weight and letter in the photo and they can be purchased individually.

Christmas garnet is one of our top materials.  This type of YAG has had chromium added to the mix, the same element that gives green color to emeralds and red base color and fluorescence to ruby. Christmas garnet gets one of each: the rich green base of an emerald and the strong red fluorescence of a ruby. Depending in the light source, angle and path length you might see the green base color or the red fluorescence at any given point in the stone. The camera overstates the red vs the eye and struggles to capture the green, and in the hand the stone is even cooler than the photos can show. Faceted stones have flashes of green and red and change colors based on lighting and background color. We call them "christmas garnets" because of their unique blend of red and green.

This is one of our most popular materials and cuts amazing gems. Even normal undoped YAG is an amazing material - not only is it easy to cut, but it also has a high hardness (8.25-8.5), a solid RI (1.83), and good dispersion.

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