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Blue Sapphire Rough, Czochralski Grown Sapphire Crystals

Blue Sapphire Rough, Czochralski Grown Sapphire Crystals

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These are lab created Czochralski pulled blue sapphire facet rough.

We finally got some blue sapphire! While sapphire is commonly used in some scientific applications, usually it is either pink (titanium laser sapphire) or colorless (for high end durable screens)--we've previously found a small amount of industrial blue likely used for high medical filter lenses, but this newer stock was likely grown for use in ultra high end solid sapphire watch cases.

These stones were produced by Czochralski pulling, which is a more expensive method which results in crystals with the extreme chemical purity and structural perfection needed for scientific applications. For the faceter one huge benefit (aside from generally superior quality) is the even color produced by this method, as opposed to the uneven, heavily zoned coloration of cheap blue flame fusion sapphires, allowing for much greater freedom in cutting and a better final product.

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