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Dichroic Moissanite, Loose Yellow and Blue Faceted Gemstones

Dichroic Moissanite, Loose Yellow and Blue Faceted Gemstones

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These are faceted dichroic yellow/blue moissanites. Each is labelled with its weight and letter in the photo and they can be purchased individually.

This is moissanite, also known as silicon carbide. It is an excellent gem, with incredible hardness (around 9.25-9.5) and greater brilliance and fire than a diamond. It is perfect for use in all kinds of jewelry.

Though it is well known in the gem world it is also highly valued in the world of science and industry. It is a semiconductor just like pure silicon but far more durable and heat-resistant, so it is used to make computer chips that need to endure high stress environments like in a car engine. Fortunately for us these uses require very exacting standards and sometimes crystals are rejected, in particular ones with nitrogen contamination which usually makes them opaque or heavily included, but occasionally yields an incredibly beautiful blue/yellow dichroic color.

Depending on the orientation they are cut they can look more blue, more yellow or green, though up close the green stones prove to actually have a combination of blue and yellow flashes.
Though the gem world sometimes thinks of it only as a diamond stand-in I prefer to think of it as a gem all its own. It has greater luster, more brilliance and fire and a cooler range of colors than diamonds do and I just find it more appealing visually.
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