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GAGG Pixels, Yellow Lumogarnet Scintillator (Day Glow Fluorescence, Slight Phosphorescence)

GAGG Pixels, Yellow Lumogarnet Scintillator (Day Glow Fluorescence, Slight Phosphorescence)

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These are pixels of GAGG, a type of hyperfluorescent lab created garnet which were produced for use as scintillators in PET scanners, CAT scanners or similar devices but didn't quite make the cut.  We have complete pixel prisms, ones with cracks or missing areas, partial fragments as well as ones that have been faceted.

The complete prisms measure 27x5x3mm and weigh in at 14.5 carats on average.

We also have had some faceted as bright and brilliant gems!  these stones range from 19-20mm in length and 4-7ct in weight, averaging about 6ct.  Some of these have inclusions, though the most included ones are offered at a discount.

Cerium GAGG is a material which has recently risen to prominence in industry but never been used as a gem until now. It is what we call a 'lumogarnet' - a synthetic garnet with incredible fluorescence. It glows a bright yellow, slightly greener and brighter than already-bright Ce:YAG. This material is like an upgraded version of the classic GGG crossed with an aluminum garnet (like YAG and LuAG) to give it excellent hardness (8) while maintaining a high RI (1.9) and generally excellent gem properties. 

This material also glows in the dark, though the amount varies from piece to piece.  They try hard to make sure it won't have any afterglow but mistakes do get made sometimes and these gems are the ones that didn't make the cut for whatever reason.

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