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Glow in the Dark GAGG Lumogarnet Facet Rough "High Glow"!!

Glow in the Dark GAGG Lumogarnet Facet Rough "High Glow"!!

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These are lab-created GAGG (Gadolinium Aluminum Gallium Garnet) facet rough. Each piece is marked with its letter and weight and you select which one to purchase.

Cerium GAGG is brand new as far as gems go--it only entered industrial usage in 2014, and we just introduced it to the gem market last year. It is what we call a 'lumogarnet' - an exotic lab-created garnet with incredible fluorescence.

Like Ce:YAG and LuAG GAGG is used as a scintillator, a crystal grown for its insanely strong fluorescence.  It is used to help detect invisible radiation by absorbing it and converting it to easily-detected visible light--gamma rays and x-rays will activate its glow in addition to UV and even normal blue light.

Properties-wise this material is like an upgraded version of the classic GGG crossed with an aluminum garnet (like YAG and LuAG) to give it excellent hardness (8) while maintaining a high RI (1.9) and generally excellent gem properties. This material has very bright fluorescence, and like Ce:YAG and LuAG it is used as a scintillator to help detect invisible radiation.


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