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Handheld Raman Spectrometer for Gem Identification with Software for Android Smartphone and PC

Handheld Raman Spectrometer for Gem Identification with Software for Android Smartphone and PC

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This is an Ahura FirstDefender portable handheld raman spectrometer which we have retrofit for gemological usage, for identifying gemstones and minerals. Note that, due to increasing issues with international delivery, this item is only shipped within the US.

The Ahura FirstDefender is a raman spectrometer which was originally designed for use by the military, first responders and forensic labs. They are ruggedly built, portable and handheld, able to work off of battery power or directly plugged in to AC power.

We have repurposed these spectrometers with custom accessory hardware and an updated internal database of 500 spectra of the most important gem minerals for matching. We have also designed custom-made software to run spectra against all 5000+ mineral spectra from the RRUFF raman database, allowing matches even of more obscure minerals.

Raman spectrometry is an exceptional tool for definitively identifying minerals. It can quickly and accurately give the identity of a gemstone or mineral from its spectra.

Note that raman spectrometry can NOT separate natural and synthetic minerals, detect treatments or detect trace elements. It gives the base mineral identity.

Included with every spectrometer are:

A durable pelican or pelican-style case that allows for easy and safe transportation. We bring one or two on the plane to Tucson every year with no issues. Note that these may vary from the picture since we typically source the spectrometers without their original packaging.

Vials for internal scanning.

A standoff for external scanning.

A power cable for direct wall powering.

A battery along with a charger that works both on a normal wall outlet and a car cigarette lighter.

All the needed software both for phone and PC analysis. This software is complete but we do occasionally make tweaks and updates which are provided at no extra cost.

We have a quick video introduction to using the spectrometer here:

and an introduction to using the software here:

As a general safety note, do NOT look directly into the laser. The spectrometer uses a 780nm near infrared laser. Only use external scanning with the laser aperture completely covered, and maintain a distance of at least two feet between your eyes and the aperture.
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