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Glow in the Dark GAGG Jewelry (High Glow GAGG Lumogarnet)

Glow in the Dark GAGG Jewelry (High Glow GAGG Lumogarnet)

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These sterling silver rings and pendants are our first test parcel of high glow GAGG jewelry!  We will have more in the future but for now these six are all we have.

Note some of the stones have imperfections--these typically contribute to the phosphorescence and are exaggerated by the camera.

This jewelry is made of high glow GAGG, a type of hyperfluorescent lab created garnet produced for use as scintillators in PET scanners, CAT scanners or similar devices.  This material is supposed to fluoresce (so they can see where the x-rays in the machine are going), but not phosphoresce (because they want to know where a patient's bones are now, not where they were a couple hours ago), so these didn't make the cut.  While virtually all GAGG has at least a little afterglow, this 'high glow' material is visible in pitch darkness for over an hour.

Cerium GAGG is a material which has recently risen to prominence in industry but never been used as a gem until now. It is what we call a 'lumogarnet' - a synthetic garnet with incredible fluorescence. It glows a bright yellow, slightly greener and brighter than already-bright Ce:YAG. This material is like an upgraded version of the classic GGG crossed with an aluminum garnet (like YAG and LuAG) to give it excellent hardness (8) while maintaining a high RI (1.9) and generally excellent gem properties. If you like the alliteration in GGG, you can call this LLL (long luminescence lumogarnet).


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