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LuAG Jewelry, Earrings and Pendants

LuAG Jewelry, Earrings and Pendants

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These are earrings and pendants made from lab-created hyperfluorescent LuAG lumogarnets. They are set in solid sterling silver.

LuAG (Lutetium Aluminum Garnet) is a hyperfluorescent lab-created garnet which is used in science and medicine as a 'scintillator', a material whose fluorescence is so strong it can be used in detecting invisible radiation like x-rays and gamma rays. The way this is done is by cutting the garnet into square 'pixels', each of which is put in front of a sensor. When a gamma ray or x-ray hits one of the pixels they fluoresce and the sensor can detect the light, much like in a digital camera.

These stones don't just glow, they reach out and grab the eye when exposed to sunlight, diffuse skylight and even indoor lighting. They make incredible jewelry which is guaranteed to make a statement. These should be a great gift for any science-loving relative, fashionable radiologist, significant other, cyberpunk friend or of course for yourself.

Plus, since we saved these crystals from the waste stream, this is a rare example of an upcycled gemstone.

LuAG is more durable than natural garnets with a hardness of 8.5. Even normal room lights will make it fluoresce, and outdoors with indirect sunlight can make it look like it is photoshopped into real life. It is just a great gem.

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