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Purple Sapphire Jewelry, Earrings Pendants and Rings, Czochralski Pulled

Purple Sapphire Jewelry, Earrings Pendants and Rings, Czochralski Pulled

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These are earrings, rings and pendants made from lab-created yellow sapphire.  They are set in solid sterling silver except for one pair of 5mm hexagons in 14k yellow gold.

We finally got some fancy colored sapphires! These are all czochralski grown, a more expensive and demanding growth method that produces crystals of high chemical purity and structural perfection which are suitable for technical applications. Unlike many of our materials these were likely grown for a less typical usage: ultra high end watch cases.  Cases milled out of solid sapphire are incredibly durable but require large crystals of high quality sapphire free of defects so they get grown on the same production lines that produce industrial grade material.  Fortunately for us they also produce offcuts from the edges and ends of the boules which we can save and repurpose for gem usage.

These have a rich purple color. From their strong red fluorescence (which does give them an extra punchiness in sunlight) it's safe to say that they contain chromium, though what additional colorant gives the blue component is unclear.  These are absolutely gorgeous gems.


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