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Smoky Moissanite Facet Rough

Smoky Moissanite Facet Rough

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These are lab created moissanite facet rough with a smoky golden-grey color similar to smoky quartz. Each is labelled with its gram weight and letter in the photo and they can be purchased individually. These have a light gray-smoky color which cuts bright, dispersive gems.

Moissanite, aka silicon carbide, is often thought of as a diamond stand-in because of its combination of extremely high hardness and surface luster, great color range and overall brilliant sparkle.  However it is also an extremely useful crystal, and these stones were grown for use in computer chips where they act as a durable, heat-resistant replacement for pure silicon.  Fortunately for us they did not quite meet spec and I was able to get them instead and trim them for gem usage.

Note that this is the newer '4H' polytype of moissanite. The crystal structure has been improved over the older versions, which means you don't have the same worries about a yellow discoloration during polishing.


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